Steel Cold Storage

The building that you choose for your cold storage obviously must compensate for the temperature.

But so often, these because these buildings also need to be large in size, achieving the level of temperature control that is desired can be difficult. The traditional brick and mortar model runs into some trouble when needing a large space to store food.

Many businesses have a need for cold storage of some kind. Regardless of the reason for your cold storage needs, maybe a restaurant with a large freezer, or simply a warehouse with needs to refrigerate long term, prefabricated steel buildings are the way to go for your cold storage needs.


Steel buildings are not susceptible to rust or mold like the traditional buildings are. The versatility and durability offered with steel structures also give them the upper hand over other buildings.

Along with this, the usual wear and tear that most buildings experience, steel buildings do not. Say goodbye to constant needs to update the paint or repair cracks and crevices. Repairs and renovations are not often needed since the elements of nature have minimal effect on steel buildings.

Space Efficiency

Prefabricated steel buildings also have the upper hand on space efficiency. They are able to control climate inside like no other, and the space they offer is unmatched.

If you are building a cold storage facility, it is possible that the building method you choose could make or break your storage unit. If you go with a steel building, you will not regret it.

Specific Control

Steel structures have specific control over the climate. If you are building a cold storage unit, you will certainly need a centrally controlled environment that will not be impacted.

With steel structures, you will be able to control the climate of your storage unit with little to no changes. Not only this, but the energy in these units is extremely efficient, meaning your storage is kept cold for a fraction of the price on your electric bill. Especially if the insulation is proper, the insulation could pay for itself by being so efficient in terms of energy.

As a structure that needs to be maintained cold at all times, energy efficiency is key. Energy is extremely expensive, and maintaining that kind of climate control can be very expensive without the right equipment and resources. Luckily, with a steel structure, you won’t have to worry!

Energy Panel Systems

At, our environmentally safe polystyrene foam is bonded to galvanized steel to insulate your cold storage facility. This is the best way to ensure climate control, and safety. Prefabricated steel structures are perfect for this, and can provide this for you.

Along with this, we can provide thermal doors. These heavy duty doors ensure that whatever you are storing is properly sealed, and will not be negatively impacted by daily coming and going.

Our steel walls also utilize polystyrene to ensure the most efficient form of storage. This will protect your steel structure, and control the temperature even more to protect your stored cold goods.

Interested in Buying

If you are interested in the best quality steel structure for your cold storage, look no further than We will have the most durable energy efficient, and provide you with panel systems that will ensure you get the best profit for your dollar. Get a free quote today!